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Eating Habit – Sweetheart Granola 350 g

Eating Habit – Sweetheart Granola 350 g

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Eating Habit – Sweetheart Granola 350 g
Granola : Choco Chips & Coconut Flakes

Using the best natural ingredients our Granola has been carefully created to give you a premium product that is not only healthy but comes in a selection of flavours and options to match variety of dietary needs.

All our products supply wholesome food that deliver sustained energy and protein throughout the day. It’s perfect with milk, fruit, or yogurt, or delicious plain for a quick breakfast or snack!


- Gluten Free

- No Preservatives


Granola dapat dikonsumsi dengan susu atau yogurt dan buah atau dapat dijadikan snack. Granola merupakan karbohidrat kompleks tinggi serat yang dapat membuat rasa kenyang lebih lama dan melancarkan pencernaan sehingga baik untuk tubuh dan cocok untuk diet.


Ingredients : Old fashioned oats, choco chips, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, coconut flakes, organic raw honey, dark brown sugar, coconut oil, sea salt, and lots of love!

Size : 350 g